What To Do If You Have A Noisy Neighbour


Living in a strata apartment leaves you open to the probability of having to live with a noisy neighbour. Luckily this article from strata living advice blog site Smarter Communities is here to help. It gives us some tips on how to cope with a noisy neighbour.

Generally, the article suggests that you just try to be a good neighbour by politely communicating your grievances directly to them. However, if that doesn’t work, it doesn’t stop you from doing what’s necessary. “There are strata laws in place to protect you. In extreme cases, the police can help you too,” it reads.

It’s a must-read article as we’re sure you’re bound to come across a similar fate. Strata apartments are just often so diverse. We at Vertical Living Magazine just hope that you can make the time to read this for when that happens.

Read the source article at blog.smartercommunities.com.au