This Sustainable Urban Wind Turbine Design Could be Powering Your High Rise Tomorrow


When it comes to vertical spaces, sustainable isn’t usually the main consideration. But there are some ways to make high-rise buildings a little bit more sustainable than normal. This article from industry expert blog Popup City reads about a micro wind turbine that could potentially make our urban dwellings basically self-sustaining. 

The article focuses on how James Dyson Award-winning scientists Nicolas Orellana and Naseen Noorani developed a small volleyball shaped turbine that’s specifically designed for urban dwellings. “Orellana and Noorani didn’t invent the wheel as Darrieus-Svonius types of wind turbines have been around for quite a while,” the article reads. “However, no one up until this point managed to make them small, simple and efficient enough for mass production to fit the needs and desires of urban dwellers.”

It’s a great article that we at Vertical Living Magazine can definitely recommend. Don’t hesitate to click on the link below for the full article.

Read the source article at Pop-Up City