The Dwindling Demand for Urban Planners in Sydney and Melbourne


Sydney’s talent pool of urban planners may be reaching a point of saturation. According to this real estate blog site, The Fifth Estate, the boom in demand for planners in the past may have started to slow due to a cooling down of housing projects in this Australian megacity. Melbourne, another one of Oz’s biggest cities may soon feel the same drain in demand for planners.

It’s a depressing article but the silver lining here is that the demand for planners is also starting to rise in other cities. Experts such as Planning Institute of Australia CEO David Williams posit that Sydney and Melbourne are both on the brink of going into a new strategic development so it’s a given that some types of planners are slowly getting eased out.

We at Vertical Living Magazine can definitely feel for the planners in these cities but are extremely excited for up and coming regions where these talents are going to be called to.

Read the source article at The Fifth Estate