How To Deal With A Bully Strata Resident


Building managers for strata apartments have tough jobs. The toughest of them all is dealing with bully residents and owners who think that they have the right to be rude.

“No one is entitled to ‘demand’ a response in a time frame. Asking nicely for one is far different and usually leads to a far more positive outcome,” writes Frank Higginson in this Look Up Strata article. It’s a common etiquette that some people often forget.

He also shares the next steps when a clash like this between the body corporate and the building management happens. It’s a piece of knowledge that you don’t want to have to use but you’ll be glad to know when you find yourself in a situation that you do.

Keep things professional and don’t forget to be polite when interacting with anyone. It’s an important reminder that we at Vertical Living Magazine can certainly echo.

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