Exclusive Use Lot Holder Responsibilities In Strata


“If an exclusive use lot holder is responsible for maintenance of the exclusive use area and they perform maintenance or improvements to exclusive use areas that do not meet the required local, state or national safety standards or building codes etc, is the strata liable for any incident as the owner of the common property, or is the exclusive use lot holder liable?,” Look Up Strata, a property blog was asked.

Luckily, the experts at the blog have a ready answer for it. The short answer is that any alteration needs to get approval. Any alteration that does not have approval will not be covered by insurance.

The article gets pretty deep into the nitty-gritty details of the additional liabilities of the Exclusive Use Lot holder. We at Vertical Living Magazine live for these kinds of expert opinions and analysis. We hope you get to click on the link below as it has a lot of useful information for you.

Read the source article at lookupstrata.com.au